Melbourne Museums

If you love history and anything historical, you would love visiting Melbourne, Australia, especially the Melbourne Museums. These museums are all open to the public and are among the best in the world.

The state museum for Victoria is Museum Victoria. This Museum is broken up into three different areas of interest and is housed in three different locations. Each of these museums offers something different for visitors.

The first one, Melbourne Museum, located in Carlton Gardens, has over 16 million exhibits; you can lose yourself there for hours and never be bored. Housed in a relatively modern building the Museum has 7 galleries, plus the Aboriginal centre, Bunjilaka.

The Scienceworks Museum and the Planetarium are both located in Spotswood, a vibrant, relatively new part of Melbourne. The Planetarium is a must-see, taking you into the heavens in comfort seats, while watching spectacular displays of the stars and beyond.

If you're interested in your family history, or the history of the first settlers in Australia, you will love visiting the Australian Immigration Museum Melbourne, located in Old Customs House in Flinders Street. This Museum houses a complete history of immigration starting in the 1800's and the stories of many people coming to live here.

All of the museums have a constantly changing selection of exhibitions and cater for groups, families or the single person.

Another very interesting museum is the Chinese Museum located in Cohen Place, Melbourne. Opened in 1985 it tells the story of the first Chinese immigrants back in the 1800's and their history up to the present day, through pictures and artefacts.

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